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Our IHK-certified private detectives in Gotha will gladly support you in custody cases, in cases concerning disagreements about alimony and/or child support payments, infidelity, burglary of a dwelling, vehicle theft, as well as in cases of fraudulent sick leave, false claims for expenses, theft of company data, patent infringements, and many more issues. You can contact our specialists at the detective agency in Gotha by giving us a call: +49 361 2243 0020.


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Counting 46,131 inhabitants (2015), the district's capital city Gotha may not be one of Thuringia's few big cities (Erfurt and Jena) but it offers noticeable statistics in many fields. For example, 11,442 out of the 19,573 employees who are subject to social insurance contributions and work in Gotha are, in fact, inbound commuters, 6,852 out of which are coming from the surrounding district. The main employers in the city are the industries of automotive manufacturing, forklift manufacturing, and mechanical engineering, as well as the service sector, especially the hospitality industry, including restaurants and hotels. The industrial turnover in the district of Gotha alone reached a proud 581 million Euro in the first quarter of 2016. And yet, the unemployment rate in the city is at 7.1 % and thus far above the nationwide average (2015). The reason for this is the high number of inbound commuters and the small number of people commuting out of Gotha. 


Even more striking is the high divorce rate in Gotha: 168 marriages see 138 divorces – that is more than 80 %! The most frequent reasons for a divorce are marital infidelity and domestic violence – not only in Gotha but nationwide. After the divorce, it is often time for the second round of the famous "War of the Roses": Responsibilities concerning child support and/or alimony payments, as well as child custody, follow and the involved parties don't always play fair, trying to gain an advantage over their ex-partner. Our experienced private investigators in Gotha research and monitor your (former) partner on your behalf based on dubious financial statements, or in order to find out if they are suitable to take care of the children, or because of a new long-term partnership they have entered which influences the alimony and/or child support payments and who should be the custodial parent. Our private detective agency in Gotha also supports you in cases of stalking and threats by said ex-partner or an unknown person. Give us a call or send us your first request via our contact form.    

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Our detectives in Gotha support their clients in corporate cases, as well as in private cases, with consultancy services and hands-on surveillance work in order to solve a wide range of different issues.

High unemployment rate and the effects on the number of offences against property | Corporate detective agency in Gotha

Of course, not everyone who is without work or has only a small income turns into a criminal, but on a nationwide scale, regions with a high unemployment rate also indisputably show an increased crime rate. In 2015, for example, 4,804 offences were registered in Gotha, 408 out of which were related to fraud and 1,574 offences to theft, such as vehicle theft and burglary of a dwelling. The crime clearance rate is okay but not satisfying enough, reaching 65.2 %, considering all offences committed in Gotha. Also, many employees do not appreciate their working space and decide to harm their employer in various ways. Theft, embezzlement and fraud (false claims for expenses and fraudulent sick leave) are some of them, just like bribery and industrial espionage. In Germany, around half of all corporate crime against companies is committed by employees. 


Our qualified corporate detectives in Gotha investigate with a high level of discretion and, in the best case, will bring about the restitution of stolen goods. We research meticulously and provide you with legal evidence at the end of our investigation. Please, send us a description of your case via email or give us a call: +49 361 2243 0020.    

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